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Instructions Not Included

I have just purchased a new remote control for one of Mums televisions. As I was setting it up, it struck me that the remote control has more instructions than I have to try and help Mum in her old age and with the care she requires! Just think about that for one moment.

I know that when we were born our parents did not have any user manuals. However in this day and age you would think that you could turn to one location and get all of the information you need to help manage the ravages and challenges of old age for a loved one.

Friends who have had to face similar journeys, have provided more useful information than the 'official' or more 'traditional' routes. Social Workers have been so hamstrung by cut backs and lack of funding in the Uk that for some they are as useful as a #ChocholateTeapot

Mum has been on the slide to this point for a number of years, though the changes have often gone unnoticed by others and sometimes myself. In fact even as late as September last year, Mum was travelling by herself on the train to come and visit me at the other end of the country. However #AssistedTravel is a topic on its own and I will talk about that in another post.

The last few months have been a challenge and have almost brought me to my knees. This has been due to love, sadness, frustration, tiredness and yes, even anger. My ability to take control of a situation and 'sort it' has been eroded and my usual 'there has to be a practical solution to this', has hit brick walls, too high for me to climb. I have felt impotent, incapable and often lost. What's more, I recognise that I am not the only one who has ever felt like this #Dementia?

I have therefore decided to use this blog as a journal, capturing my journey as I walk alongside Mum. I don't expect anyone to read my ramblings, though if just one person benefits from my experiences then it will be worthwhile.

My musings are likely to be irreverent, emotional, informative or simply me just talking to myself. You have been warned.

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